SEND resources

When children are in school they use many different resources and support materials to help them. These may be useful to use at home too.

It may be easier to print some of the resources so that your child can use them when they are learning rather than having to access them electronically.

Some of the resources attached may be very familiar to your child but some may look different to those they are used to using in school. You may have to explain this to your child, particularly if they find change difficult. Encourage your child to use the abc cards, phonic prompts and key word walls to help with their sounding out and spelling when they write. There is a blank abc/phonic card included so you can work with your child to make their own personalised version.

There are also some ideas for more "fun" activities to do at home which support children's confidence in using numbers, reading and writing, as well as some ideas for fine motor coordination activities.

All the resources can be used regardless of your child's age or key stage - choose what works best for your child and you at home.