Frequently Asked Questions - Parent Information Sessions

What else can I do to support my child’s learning from home?

How can I try and engage my child to sit still and do more work?

Firstly, it is always important to remember that home learning is very different from being in the classroom. It may be helpful to break the sessions up, providing a visual representation for doing this or perhaps using a timer. Setting a task for a certain amount of time and then going back to it may help. The typical day in the classroom has lots of breaks, so don’t feel pressured to continue for the whole day without stopping regularly. Try learning for 10-20 minutes and then break for a fun activity that they like to do. Maybe play outside and then come back to the lesson again, this will accelerate their learning. Trying the online Outdoor Learning activities on the website may also help, as these provide children with a fun way to learn. You could also try to work with a sibling, as working as a team is similar to being in a classroom.

Will there be an opportunity for actual ‘live’ online lessons between Teachers and children via Zoom, which may encourage children to join in more?

We are currently recording online lessons so that children are hearing a Teacher’s voice more with the Teacher’s face in the top corner of the screen. The challenge that we have is that we are bound by the safeguarding issue. We are looking into this in more detail but because some of the children are not always supervised when these lessons take place, we have a duty of care to make sure that our online lessons provide a safe and secure platform for children. However, we do recognise the importance of that interaction with a Teacher, which is why we opened up the feedback email accounts. Children can use the feedback emails as a dialogue to contact Teachers if they wish, sending in work and asking questions. We are fortunate to have Teachers within the Trust who are working on these online lessons full time. They are available to contact on a regular basis.

Are there any plans to do any catch up learning during the Summer holidays?

We are currently awaiting advice from the DfE. As soon as we receive any guidance from them, we will share that information with parents.

Is it possible to have future assignments posted earlier, so that work can be reviewed by parents in advance?

Unfortunately, the lessons are unable to be posted any earlier due to the work involved in writing the lessons and then uploading them onto our website. They also need to be tested in advance by our QA team. This is all done on a very tight schedule, so currently the lessons cannot be released any earlier than they are.

How can we find out about additional resources that my child may need for future lessons?

We have now added a ‘Morning Messages’ button where helpful advice can be added. If you select your child’s year group on the website under the learning option, when you click on the day of the week it brings up your lesson options together with a small panel on the right hand side entitled ‘Morning Messages’. This will be where you can find all the information regarding additional resources that your child may need that week.

Are children in the classroom doing the same learning as children at home?

All children are following the National Curriculum, but some lessons may differ to those being set in the classroom. Everything that Diamond Online is doing, is in line with what the children would have covered in class. In fact, some schools are using the resources that Diamond Online are producing, to teach in the classroom. There is a certain amount of crossover happening between the two. We do try to ensure that when feedback is given this information is shared with your child’s Headteacher. When a full handover takes place, all that information will be shared with your child’s school.

Is it possible to print out the slides that children are working from, to keep a permanent record of the work that is being done?

Yes, we have now added the option to print the lesson slides on the website. If you go on the website and access the page you want to print, you need to expand that page by clicking on the box with an arrow, on the top right hand side of your screen. You then need to select the cog icon ‘settings’ option, then select the option ‘more’. You will then be able to download a pdf, ppt straight from the website. These instructions can also be found on our website.

Will there be an opportunity for a child to have their own individual log in so that Teachers can monitor how much work they are doing?

Diamond Online are looking at this in some detail, we are waiting for several other factors before we can go ahead. We are also currently looking at other ways of tracking pupil learning.

How can I help my child when they get frustrated with the lessons?

Ensure that your child has regular breaks so that they can produce their best work. There is nothing wrong with pausing between tasks. Some children will need to release some energy in between focusing on their work. Don’t forget if you have any specific questions, you can contact a Teacher on the feedback email addresses. It is important to remember that a learning day at home is very different to a learning day in school.

How can I help my child who is very motivated? Do you expect children to get through all the work that is set?

All children work at different speeds, they don’t necessarily need to get through everything all in one go. Maybe take a break between learning and pick things up again another day. Children can go back to lessons they have enjoyed at the end of the week to revisit these again, which will only enhance their learning. Encouraging children to take part in some of the other activities, for example in the Enrichment section on the website, will stretch and challenge them in a different way. Perhaps starting with the more challenging activities and then working back to the easier ones, will also help. Every day leads into another with the lesson being picked up again the next day, so the understanding of the lesson is key here. Learning is not about the completion of the task, it is about acquisition of the knowledge and being able to apply that knowledge.

Is Diamond Online sharing feedback with schools based on work submitted? If so, how?

We are looking at different ways to do this if this situation continues but for the moment we have the feedback email addresses that children can use to submit work. All teachers working on Diamond Online are DLPT colleagues working full time and genuine feedback will be given to every child. As far as possible, if we know who your child’s class teacher is, we will keep them informed, if not then your child’s Headteacher will be notified. All information is being shared with your child’s school.